The car detailing process is something that some auto detailers hold secret, but rather than leave you in the dark, we want you to know exactly how we’ll clean your ride so you know exactly what to expect.

Here is how our auto detailing process works, from start to finish, in each area of your vehicle.

Exterior Auto Detailing Process

We’ll start off with a pre-wash rinse from our light-duty pressure washer. This removes any surface debris that has gathered on the paint, avoiding damage to the clear coat during the washing process.

We’ll then fill our soap cannon and coat the exterior of your vehicle with a thick foam that will break down all of the surface dirt, grime, and debris. We’ll follow this with a hand wash using a microfiber wash mitt, which will keep your paint safe along the way.

From there we will do a full rinse and hand wash the vehicle a second time for any areas that did not get all the way clean. Then, we’ll blow dry the exterior and hand dry to minimize water spots.

The last step is a hand application of a spray sealant which we will coat the entire vehicle with. This is the most time-consuming individual step but is very important for bringing out your paint’s shine and protecting it from the elements.

Without going the full route of a costly paint restoration, this is the best process to have your car looking extremely good which a shine that will last for weeks, sometimes months, depending on the season.

  • Pre-wash rinse
  • Foam soap cannon
  • Bucket wash
  • Rinse
  • Blow dry
  • Microfiber towel dry
  • Paint sealant and shine

Wheels and Tires Auto Detailing Process

Along with your exterior detail, we will also clean your wheels and tires thoroughly, which is an often neglected area of vehicles that car washes do a poor job of cleaning.

We’ll fully pre-rinse and pre-treat each wheel, which will break down tough road dirt and brake dust that tends to gather and coat your wheels. We’ll then do a deep scrub of each wheel with our set of wheel brushes, and detail any hard-to-reach areas by hand.

Each wheel will then get a full microfiber wipe down, rinse, and dry. To finish things off, we’ll apply a paint-friendly light tire shine that will not sling onto your vehicle.

The tire shine will make the clean finish on your wheels pop, and you won’t believe how good they look under all of that dust and dirt.

  • Pre-rinse
  • Specialized wheel and tire cleaner spray
  • Deep scrub with wheel brush
  • Microfiber wipe down
  • Full rinse
  • Microfiber dry
  • Paint-friendly tire shine

Interior Auto Detailing Process

We are all rough on our vehicle interiors, especially if kids and pets are involved. And there is no drive-through car wash that will clean your interior in three minutes.

To keep a vehicle interior in good shape and to present a welcoming environment for you, your family, and your guests, we recommend at least a quarterly cleaning.

To start off, we’ll remove all trash and debris from your vehicle. It is recommended that you take anything with you that you don’t want to be thrown away. We’ll do our best to keep what looks to be valuable items, but you are the best judge of this.

Once the interior is clear, we remove your mats and will do a full interior blow out. This involves using a high-force blower to remove interior dirt and vacuums often miss in cracks and crevices. From there we’ll fully vacuum all interior surfaces. We do not remove your seats during this process, but we’ll do our best to remove any debris we can. We’ll repeat this process until we’ve removed as much dirt as possible. If excessive pet hair is present in the vehicle, there will be an extra fee, as this is time-consuming to remove.

We’ll then clean your mats using a special mat cleaning process that will extract dirt from cloth mats, and leave rubber mats looking clean and shiny.

Next, we’ll wipe down all interior surfaces with an interior cleaner that will remove dirt and restore shine. We do not use a greasy shining agent as these can be unsafe and leave a poor smell. If your vehicle has leather, we’ll use a light leather conditioner which will leave a luxury smell, a light shine, and keep your leather looking fresh.

Lastly, we’ll clean the often-overlooked windows and door jambs of your vehicle, and leave a complimentary air freshener so that every surface of your interior is clean and smelling fresh.

  • Remove trash and debris
  • Interior blow out
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Clean door jambs
  • Mat cleaning
  • Clean all dash, seats, and trim
  • Leather conditioner
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuum trunk or cargo area
  • Air freshener

The Results

The result of our process is a vehicle that brings a smile to your face every time you approach it and that creates a welcoming environment for you and your guests every time you get in.